5 Natural Ways To Prevent Stroke

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Prevent Stroke

Reading Time: 2 minutes Stroke is the fourth major cause of death in the United States, it occurs when the flow of blood to the brain stops by any means and cuts off the oxygen supply. Family medical history and old age are potential […]

Bone Health- Osteoporosis Education & Awareness

By - Dt. Rashi Goel

Bone health

Reading Time: 9 minutes Bone is living tissue, as soon as old bone is broken down a new one is renewed. More bone is made than broken during our childhood. 90% of bone growth gets complete between 15-17 years of age and there is […]

When & Why You Should Consult a Physiotherapist?

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Reading Time: 15 minutes Counseling of a physiotherapist is something that numerous sportspersons consider in their preparation endeavors. Though physiotherapists Play a significant role in the consideration and performance of athletes, however, how precisely can a physiotherapist uphold the general population? From an athletic […]