Reasons to Implement Telemedicine Platforms in 2022

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Reading Time: 6 minutes 2022 is more than half past. You might be thinking how you can make the rest of 2022 more successful for your practice! Fortunately, you have a very easy way to increase revenue, improve patient retention and delight your office […]

Top 7 HIPAA Compliant Telehealth Platforms For Doctor’s Accessibility

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Reading Time: 10 minutes HIPAA (health insurance portability and accountability act) came into existence in 1996, the main purpose of which was to protect the personal information and data of the patients and protect them from disclosure without the permission of the patient. It ensures […]

How to Pick the Right Commercial Telemedicine Platform?

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Reading Time: 8 minutes Launching a commercial telemedicine platform may seem like a waste of time and resources for a small practice or a solo practitioner, especially in the current economic situation where both are so scarce. However, telemedicine provides essential operational & clinical […]

How AI & Robotics Transforming Healthcare?

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Al & robotics in healthcare

Reading Time: 8 minutes Artificial intelligence with its immense capabilities has modified many industries. AI has only recently begun to take a clinical role in the healthcare industry.  Healthcare will be one of the top five industries, according to recent McKinsey research, with more […]

Benefits of Telehealth For Patients

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benefits of telehealth for patients

Reading Time: 8 minutes People may now connect in ways that seem impossible in past. Technology, in addition to email & social media, enables healthcare practitioners to give high-quality services regardless of their physical location. Doctors may screen, diagnose, and treat patients without them having […]

Role Of IoT In Healthcare & Its Application

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IoT In healthcare

Reading Time: 7 minutes The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly expanding, with more people depending on smart gadgets and smart building technologies in their daily lives.  IoT applications & devices are changing to suit the expanding demands of a digital world as the […]

Why To Choose Telehealth Development Services?

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telehealth development services

Reading Time: 11 minutes The pandemic of COVID-19 has accelerated digital health. As a result, healthcare organizations that want to provide patients with healthcare services from a distance are now focusing on telehealth app development. According to Statista, the global telemedicine market would be […]

Easy Tips To Choose a Telehealth Platform

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telehealth platform

Reading Time: 10 minutes There have been numerous articles discussing how the epidemic has altered the course of telehealth. The truth is epidemic has expedited trends that were already well established, rather than changing trajectory of telehealth platform/ services. What does this signify for […]

Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring

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Remote patient monitoring

Reading Time: 7 minutes Considering the vast challenges associated with confronting a global health crisis, it’s no surprise that every year brings new advancements to the way healthcare is delivered across the world. Remote patient monitoring is one of the more significant advancements (RPM). […]

How Telehealth Is Shaping Healthcare Industry?

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telehealth for healthcare

Reading Time: 7 minutes The way people get treatment and engage with telehealth institutions is shaping healthcare industry. Digital advances such as wearable technology, remote monitoring, patient portals, mobile applications (apps), and new service models such as telemedicine and virtual visits are transforming health […]