Easy Tips To Choose a Telehealth Platform

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There have been numerous articles discussing how the epidemic has altered the course of telehealth. The truth is epidemic has expedited trends that were already well established, rather than changing trajectory of telehealth platform/ services.

What does this signify for your practice or clinic? It implies that telehealth is here to stay, and it’s critical to identify a telemedicine partner who can meet the growing need for virtual treatment. Moreover, also offering you a competitive advantage.

As with any other software that you implement throughout your healthcare organization, you must examine how your choice of telemedicine platform will impact your patients, providers, and budget in order to continuously provide the best treatment possible.

Easy Tips To Choose A Telehealth Solution

Easy Integration

easy integration with telehealth platform

As a caregiver, telehealth should make your job simpler. That means utilizing the same interface to access all of your data. Managing many tabs, programs, and apps at once might cause normal tasks to be delayed.

 It’s far simpler to lose track of appointments, patient information, & other critical care information when you utilize many tools & applications.

You should be able to access everything through one interface, including your schedule, patient information, electronic health records, live video and audio to connect with patients in real-time, data analytics, and a list of in-network providers and referral information, with the right telehealth platform. 

You’ll be able to address your patients’ demands using the same system, which will enhance efficiency, patient outcomes, and overall quality of care provided to them.

Workflow And Ongoing Support

workflow and ongoing support

We all know how stressful it can be to set up a new platform for the first time. Therefore,  it’s critical that your telehealth provider provides workflow help. 

A well-organized telehealth solution provider will be ready to work with you by designing a system that integrates with your current processes so you don’t have to manually enter patient data multiple times. 

Your telehealth platform should provide 24-hour assistance to help you solve any difficulties that may develop and to answer any product questions you may have.

Because every healthcare organization is different, it’s critical that your telehealth provider offers one-on-one or group sessions to guarantee that your platform is customized to your requirements.

User-Friendly Design

user friendly design

Both your staff and your patients must feel comfortable using a telemedicine system. Everyone, particularly your most vulnerable patients, such as the elderly, low-income families, and those with chronic illnesses, should feel comfortable utilizing this technology.

Look for telehealth software that is intuitive and simple to use for promoting effective adaptation. Request some of your patients to try this technology to ensure they are comfortable using it to receive medical services. 

This application should be used by your coworkers as well. When adopting a new system, there is always a learning curve, but with a little practice, your coworkers should be able to accomplish routine activities faster than before.

Security And Compliance

security in telehealth platform

Whatever other features a telemedicine platform offers, if your privacy & data aren’t safe, it may cost you a big time. 

It’s vital that your telemedicine solution provider spells out exactly how patient data is handled and shared on their systems. 

Make that your platform complies with HIPAA compliance, PIPEDA, or PHIPA regulations and provide end-to-end encryption to prevent third parties from accessing private messages.

Specialty Specific Solution

specialty specific telehealth platform

Your telehealth platform should reflect the fact that your patients may require specialty care services on occasion. 

Many patients, however, do not have access to these treatments. Patients with low incomes and those who live in remote locations may lack access to specialist care professionals. By minimizing the distance between them and their patients, virtualizing specialist care can help these clinicians take on additional patients.

Look for a telehealth platform that appeals to specialist care professionals, whether you manage primary care office or major hospital. To increase continuity of treatment, you can refer your patients to specialized doctors utilizing the same system.

Data Analytics & Reporting

data analytics in telehealth platform

The data analytics capability is one of the biggest reasons to invest in a telehealth program. By documenting and tracking every patient encounter, you can gain fresh insights into your practice. 

You may start using this new knowledge to improve your practice as you collect additional data. If any of your patients are having problems accessing their information or are experiencing extended wait times.

Data analytics allows you to keep a closer eye on your practice and your patients’ experiences. You may feel like you’re working in dark without knowledge, especially when you face hurdles of migrating to new system.


You need flexible telehealth & communication solutions that can grow & adapt to your demands as you negotiate shifting terrain of providing care. 

Choosing the proper telehealth solution for your organization will influence not only your pandemic response but also how your organization progresses into the future of healthcare communication.