Fields that Must have Specialty Focused Telemedicine Platforms

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Telemedicine is a term use for the process to deliver clinical care at a distance through the use of technology. It ensures that whenever someone needs medical care, they can receive instant service. This has proved very effective in remote areas where access to healthcare is limited.


Telemedicine particularly facilitates the digital exchange of medical information with the help of electronic and telecommunication technology. Medical experts have been using telemedicine settings for a long time. The first reference was recorded from journals sagepub


Today, apart from general and minor medical concerns like colds, fever, cough, etc. Telemedicine platforms are nowadays use for the treatment of chronic diseases.  


This article explores fields that must have Specialty Focused Telemedicine platforms


Telemedicine has greatly helped to solve the increasing demand for specialty care and improved the efficiency of care providers.


As the demand for telemedicine platforms increases, competition in the healthcare business has also increased. Healthcare providers must embrace telemedicine to keep up with the times and stay ahead of their competitors. Now we will mention


Some Fields which must have Specialty Focused Telemedicine Platforms.

  • Behavior Healthcare 
  • Dermatology 
  • Cardiology
  • Gynaecology

Behavior Healthcare: 


Behavioral health therapists treat mental illness and behavioral disorders. This is also known as a psychiatric problem. It takes twice as much effort to diagnose patients with mental illness than patients with any other chronic disease.


It is very important to take care of how comfortable the patient is. Patients facing health issues for a long time because they do not want to leave the house for treatment. It is not convenient for them to go to an unfamiliar place.  If such patients are taken for forced treatment they start having panic and anxiety attacks, which are more harmful for their health.


So it becomes very important for mental health professionals to use telemedicine platforms so that they can treat the patient by keeping them in their comfort zone with the help of telemedicine platforms.


Apart from the patient, it is also beneficial for healthcare providers as appointments will not be missed and healthcare professionals can reach more patients.


video call with Dermatology

Teledermatology is the most popular application of eHealth and telemedicine today. This is a digital platform that every dermatologist should use to provide skin care services.


This has not only increased access to skincare but also provides effective care to patients. This saves time for both providers and patients. 


Teledermatology is the best option to reach those patients who do not go out in the sun or pollution because of their skin disease.


video calling for Cardiology

Telecardiology is a specialty-focused telemedicine platform that is the need of the hour. Heart patients need  Prompt healthcare delivery to prevent their conditions from deteriorating. Check ups for heart on regular basis are also necessary with growing age. Heart patients are also at risk from travel etc., and too much noise is also harmful to their health.


Therefore, through telecardiology, heart specialists can follow up with their patients from their homes. The patient does not need to travel frequently, so every cardiologist must have a telemedicine platform.



From puberty to menopause, women need regular gynecological care. It is one of the most demanding specialty-focused care by women. Today most women are working. So they have less time to travel, and therefore most of the appointments they miss their appointments with doctors.


A solution for this is a specialty-focused telemedicine platform. Gynaecologists who provide healthcare services with the help of telemedicine platforms are considered to be more effective.


Women use the Telemedicine platform in some normal conditions or for regular checkups.

Many services related to women’s health such as 

  • Menopause and Hormone replacement therapy management
  • Birth control prescription management and monitoring
  • Postpartum depression screening and video consultations
  • Remote lactation assistance through video consultations
  • Reproductive guidance


All these services are remotely possible with the help of telemedicine. therefore Every woman specialist should have access to telemedicine so that healthcare professionals can extend their reach to more patients.



Telemedicine bridges the exchange of medical information between the doctor and the patient through technology. Access to specialty-focused telemedicine platforms has become a necessity for every healthcare provider today. These not only enhance healthcare access but also help health specialists to provide effective services. In this article, we have mentioned some specialty-focused fields that should make telemedicine a part of their healthcare system.