Amazing Health Benefits Of Blue Tea

By - TalkToMedic Admin

benefits of blue tea

Reading Time: 8 minutes You must have tried or at least heard about black or green tea, but have you ever came across Blue tea? As the name suggests this tea has prominent blue color & made out of butterfly pea flowers. It’s a […]

How Drinking Coffee Improves Your Workout?

By - TalkToMedic Admin

Reading Time: 6 minutes Did you know drinking coffee improves your workout & uphold your objective for getting more fit? People are usually bewildered if coffee is optimal for workouts?  Well, various experts believe coffee is incredible for getting you rolling. Additionally drinking some […]

How to Stay Fit in Upcoming Festive Season

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festive season

Reading Time: 9 minutes December is a season of festivals & traditionally it’s a time to eat, drink, enjoy, & be happy. However, festivals tend to ruin our usual diet and make us put on a little weight. Studies suggest, one out of every […]

Bone Health- Osteoporosis Education & Awareness

By - Dt. Rashi Goel

Bone health

Reading Time: 9 minutes Bone is living tissue, as soon as old bone is broken down a new one is renewed. More bone is made than broken during our childhood. 90% of bone growth gets complete between 15-17 years of age and there is […]