Issues Associated With Poor Oral Health

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poor oral health

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Oral health primarily involves the mouth, teeth, gums, & tongue. Being the gateway of our body, having poor oral health can have various negative consequences on our body. Bacteria accumulate in the mouth can easily enter into our mainstream & cause further damage.

Therefore, it becomes essential for each and every one of us to take good care of oral health. Below we have mentioned common issues that poor oral health can result in.

Dental Caries (Tooth Decay)

tooth decay

Dental caries results when plaque structures on the outside of a tooth and converts the free sugars (all sugars added to food varieties by the producer, cook, or customer, in addition to sugars normally present in nectar, syrups, and natural product juices) contained in food sources and beverages into acids that annihilate the tooth over the long haul.

Continuing high intake of free sugars, insufficient exposure to fluoride, and an absence of evacuation of plaque by brushing can prompt caries, pain, and now and again tooth loss and contamination.

Periodontal (Gum) Disease

poor oral health

Periodontal illness influences the tissues that both encompass and support the tooth. The illness is portrayed by draining or swollen gums (gum disease), pain, and in some cases awful breath.

In its more extreme structure, the gum can leave away from the tooth and supporting bone, making teeth become free and now and then drop out. Serious periodontal illnesses are assessed to influence almost 10% of the worldwide populace. The primary drivers of periodontal illness are poor oral health and tobacco use.

Oro-dental Trauma

poor oral health

Oro-dental injury results from injury to the teeth, mouth, and oral cavity. Around 20% of individuals experience the ill effects of injury to teeth sooner or later in their life. Oro-dental injury can be brought about by oral factors like the absence of arrangement of teeth and natural variables.

Treatment is expensive and long and in some cases can even prompt tooth loss, bringing about intricacies for facial and psychological events and personal satisfaction.

Infertility Among Women

poor oral health

As per Medical News Today, there is an association between poor oral health and infertility in ladies. Gum illness could be the main culprit, which can cause a heap of medical problems that make it difficult for a lady to consider and keep a solid pregnancy.

Besides, lady with poor oral health may take more time to get pregnant contrasted with somebody with great dental health.



Adults and kids with diabetes are already prone to the contamination that prompts periodontal sickness, yet periodontal illness can notwithstanding, make diabetes harder to manage. Manifestations may deteriorate as your glucose levels spike or go haywire because of gum infection.

In the event that you have diabetes, it is particularly basic to take into consideration of your oral health to forestall complexities with your infection. However, on the grounds that gum sickness can lift glucose levels, an individual with poor oral health has an elevated risk for diabetes.

Cardiovascular Disease

cardiovascular disease

Poor oral hygiene prompts poor oral health, which at point puts you in danger of — in all honesty — cardiovascular disease. The microbes that cause gum illness can enter the circulation system, causing the development of plaque in the supply routes. After some time, plaque solidifies. This results in a risky disease called atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis causes bloodstream issues and heart blockages, which increment your chances of having heart failure. The harmful sway on the veins and supply routes can also cause (hypertension), prompting a stroke. In uncommon cases, a deadly condition called endocarditis can create and taint the covering of the heart.