Teledermatology Platform: The Cheapest Way to Launch Your Dermatology services

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Dermatology is a highly visual medical specialty that treats skin diseases. The teledermatology platform is a subspecialty and eHealth’s most used forum. It is a telehealth forum in which the  patients can share photos of their skin lesions through their phones, tablets, etc. 


Teledermatology has a wide range of applications for healthcare management, consultation, diagnosis, and training.


Access to specialized care has improved with the help of teledermatology. Along with this, accurate diagnosis is provided and time and cost are saved.


As the population grows rapidly, The demand for dermatology care is high, but the number of dermatologists is very less.


In such a scenario, teledermatology has proved to be a boon, as it has greatly benefited practitioners and healthcare providers.


With its help, doctors see people faster as compared to in person visits. Teledermatology provides more effective, accurate diagnosis, high patient satisfaction, and equivalent health outcomes than conventional care.


If you are a dermatologist and want to improve access to your services most cheaply, the best solution is teledermatology.


In this article, we will discuss what are the  Requirements for implementing the Teledermatology platform, and how a teledermatology platform is a beneficial and cheapest way for your practice. 


Requirements for implementing the Teledermatology platform

Requirements for teledermatology platform

Before implementing a teledermatology platform it is very important to keep some basic requirements in mind. There are two models of teledermatology Store-and-forward and live interactively. 


In the SAF model, the patient provides the dermatologist with their clinical history and skin photographs, which the dermatologist then reviews. 


The LI model is a face-to-face method in which patients treat dermatologists through real-time audio-video conferencing. It involves 


Improving user experience:  

Improves User experience

Digital experience creators put more emphasis on usability. This means that the user experience should be well-structured and comprehended. 


You must provide a convenient operational practice through your teledermatology platform.


Quality commitment:

Quality commitment

Focusing on quality during technical implementation is very important as it provides sufficiency. It is also important to understand that the quality and clarity of the images on the platform should be standardized. 


Having a quality network connection is also very important for teledermatology.


Ensuring data privacy of patients:

Patients data privacy

Patient data security is very important for every healthcare organization. It can be handled through transparency, accessibility, processing, storage, and use of private data. 


It is also important that your Teledermatology platform is HIPAA compliant so that patient data and health information can be protected.


Benefits of Teledermatology: 


Care continuity: 

care follow ups

With the help of teledermatology, patients can easily continue their follow-up. With the help of this platform, patients can easily avail of dermatology services at their homes.


The efficiency of Teledermatology services: 


The teledermatology platform helps healthcare professionals to provide effective dermatology services without in-clinic visits. Teledermatology is expert care as 80% of patients worldwide are receiving these services.


Reduce Time: 


Teledermatology platforms save time for healthcare professionals and patients. In this, the flexibility of appointment scheduling provides high patient satisfaction. 


Teledermatology provides immediate care access in detecting skin problems at an early stage.


How Teledermatology platforms are the cheapest way to launch your Dermatology service? 


Teledermatology platforms are much cheaper than in-person visits. A dermatologist needs an office at a specific location, staff, electricity to run it and other resources to provide its services. 


Which takes a lot of his time and cost. Its biggest limitation is that even after incurring such expenses, this care remains limited to local patients only.


While the Teledermatology platform eliminates the need for any office or staff, new practitioners can sit anywhere at the initial stage and treat patients from any area. 


There is no need for any additional expenses. Rather, patient engagement increases, and revenue is generated. Traveling costs are reduced. 


Thus Teledermatology platform is the cheapest and most effective way of providing dermatology services.