Top 5 HIPAA Compliant Telehealth Tools For Behavioral Healthcare

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With the continuous development of technology, its use has become necessary for every sector. In addition this effect is seen in the healthcare industry in the form of HIPAA Compliant Telehealth Tools.


Today the traditional way of healthcare has changed, as healthcare services have become more easily accessible, convenient, and reliable than conventional.


Healthcare services are mostly use by patients through HIPAA compliant telehealth, and telemedicine platforms.


In telehealth services, doctors and patients can connect from any place at any time with the help of telecommunication. It is a very effective method of remote care.


Apart from the treatment of common diseases, specialty-specific telehealth can cure diseases.


Telehealth is a very effective way to diagnose behavioral health.


Behavioral healthcare refers to the prevention of patients suffering from mental stress or illness.

Also called telebehavioral health, telemental health, telepsychiatry, or tele psychology, healthcare professionals believe that behavioral telehealth provides greater safety, privacy, and convenience for patients struggling with behavioral healthcare issues.


In this blog post, we will discuss HIPAA-compliant telehealth tools for behavioral healthcare.

Before that, it is important to know what HIPAA-compliant telehealth is.


Although video conferencing is very convenient for health and wellness, the wrong tool can put patient privacy at risk. In fact not all telehealth tools meet patient safety standards.


Hence it is very important to follow HIPAA-compliant guidelines. 


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act provides guidelines for safeguarding the essential medical data of patients. Each HIPAA-compliant tool is to protect patient data and privacy.


What should HIPAA-compliant telehealth tools include? 



A HIPAA secure telehealth tool includes some key features compared to other tools. Like Local Storage, End-to-End Encryption, etc.


Local storage means that the client’s video recording will be stored in the local hardware whenever a virtual session is conducted.


And only client can accessible only to the client. In the E to E E feature no third party can access patient data.


Now we will describe the top 5 reliable HIPAA-compliant telehealth tools.


Top 5 HIPAA-compliant telehealth tools 





TheraNest is a browser-based tool that provides individual and organization-level support. This tool is specifically for mental healthcare professionals.


More than six participants can be added while hosting sessions on  this platform. The user does not need to download any software to use this tool, as it is a web-based tool. in the meantime


  • Insurance billing workflows
  • calendar schedule
  • Click and join the feature

are included.






Zoom is a reliable and recognizable video conferencing solution. Its base software is not HIPAA compliant, but it’s Zoom for healthcare version is HIPAA compliant, making it suitable for healthcare professionals.


It includes many features like

  • Virtual waiting rooms
  • Medical equipment integration with a digital stethoscope and other tools
  • High-quality video and audio
  • Easy access to health forms

It is a reliable telehealth tool that all types of healthcare professionals like to use.


E psychiatry:

E-psychiatry one of the best HIPAA Compliant Telehealth Tools


E-psychiatry is a tool, specifically to diagnose behavioral health. which follows HIPAA-compliant guidelines and protects the privacy and data of its clients.


This tool provides text-based support to patients, patients can track and share 60+ conditions through a remote patient monitoring facility.


The tool also provides behavioral-based skill-building lessons to the customer to self-manage mental health.


V see: 



It is also another HIPAA-compliant telehealth tool that provides the user with various telehealth facilities such as conducting video calls, scheduling appointments, and keeping track of patient records.


Moreover here are some different features given below:

  • Combine credit card payments, intake forms, and booking to help streamline administrative tasks
  • Virtual waiting room
  • Integration with a range of devices, such as smart scale, fit bit, and blood pressure cuffs
  • Tech support


Doxy. me:

Doxy.-me as a HIPAA Compliant Telehealth Tool is a free HIPAA-compliant video conferencing solution that is browser-based with no download required. It is HIPAA compliant as well as HITECH compliant.


Other key features


  • Ease of access through clickable links
  • Personalized waiting room
  • Paid plans to upgrade the service
  • Mobile notification




These are some of the HIPAA-compliant telehealth tools that provide reliable, intensive, advanced, and effective behavioral healthcare services.