How can telemedicine be helpful for this Covid-19 New variant BF7?

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How can telemedicine be helpful for this Covid-19 New variant BF7

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When the cases of Covid 19 stopped being reported for a while, every nation felt secure. Lockdown opened, restrictions were lifted and people Started coming out of houses like before. Gatherings in markets, offices, and functions started as before.


However, this feeling of security of people might not last long due to the possibility of other infection waves. 


At the end of December 2022, when the news came about the return of Corona again, everyone was more mindful than ever to ensure all protocols are followed to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.


Although we already know many instructions to protect against covid, still there is much to learn about the new covid 19 variant BF. 7.


Read this article completely, We will share some specific and important information related to covid 19 variant BF.  7, apart from this we will also discuss how telemedicine can help in dealing with the new variant of Corona.


About the covid-19 variant BF. 7

About covid-19 variant BF. 7

This time again covid-19 variant BF. 7 Started in China. A significant increase in patients in Chinese hospitals has been attributed to the new omicron BF 7 sub variants of covid.


Chances are that millions of people in China will die from it in the coming months. Not only China but 542 new cases were noted in Singapore. 


India has recorded 173 new coronavirus infections, while the active cases have declined to 2,670, according to Union health ministry data updated on Monday.


The total tally of Covid cases has been recorded at 4.46 crore (4,46,78,822). and the death toll stands at 5,30,707 with two fatalities, one reconciled by Kerala and one reported by Uttarakhand — in the last 24 hours, the data updated at 8 am stated.


The active cases comprise 0.01 percent of the total infections, while the national recovery rate has increased to 98.80 percent, according to the ministry’s website.


Omicron BF. 7 has a faster infection rate, so it is challenging to detect by RT-PCR. It affects those with comorbidities, weakened immunity, or those without a history of vaccination, including children, the elderly, and pregnant women. Milder symptoms of infection are being noted in those who have received the vaccine.


Covid-19 variant BF. 7 symptoms

We learned from previous waves that symptoms can vary according to the severity of the infection. But it also depends on us how much we take care of any symptoms that could make us vulnerable to covid.

Here are a few symptoms of Covid

  • Fever
  • Wet cough
  • Throat irritation
  • Sore throat
  • weakness, tiredness
  • Breathlessness
  • Chest pain
  • Body aches
  • Vomiting and upset stomach

How telemedicine is helpful for COVID-19 new variant BF. 7

Telemedicine came into the spotlight with the coronavirus care. At a time when stepping out of the house meant inviting illness, telemedicine platforms contributed the most to how healthcare services were delivered.


Telemedicine has made a very positive contribution during this pandemic. As we have discussed above that there is a fear of a new wave of corona coming, we have discussed below how telemedicine can be helpful for people in this situation.


Minimize risk to healthcare workers: 

Even though the work of almost all industries has come to a standstill with the advent of this epidemic, the work and responsibilities of the healthcare industry and employees have increased.


With many healthcare workers exposed to this infection while caring for patients. Telemedicine is a very effective alternative. With the help of this, the risk of healthcare workers getting infected is reduced.


More convenient: 

Providing and accessing healthcare services becomes convenient with the help of telemedicine. Patients get all services in the safe environment of a home. Moreover, healthcare professionals can also deliver services from any location of their choice.


Less heavy on your pocket: 

In the normal routine, when the you as a patient visits the doctor’s office. You need to travel, you are at the risk of getting infection from people and many more. But with the help of telemedicine, you can easily meet the doctor online, from anywhere.


Apart from this, there is also the facility of appointment rescheduled on telemedicine. By using telemedicine patients can minimize exposing themselves to the virus.


The resurgence of Covid-19 is a matter of concern for all. To avoid this, it is best to follow the guidelines issued by the government carefully. If there is no more serious health issue, then contact the doctor only with the help of a telemedicine platform.


Even if there is no risk of Covid in your locality, state, or nation, still visit a place with minimal gatherings to keep yourself away from infections.


Telemedicine is the best alternative to provide healthcare service in such difficult times, every healthcare professional must integrate telemedicine into their healthcare system so that they continue to deliver seamless healthcare services.